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We intend to make Ayurvedic treatments conveniently reachable to everyone across the globe. We strive to be the most reliable company for customers looking for best Ayurvedic advise.




स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थस्य रक्षणम आतुरस्य वीकार प्रशमनम च: !

‘You and Iyurveda’s mission is to conserve the health of healthy and alleviate the disease of diseased by using miraculous natural science- Ayurveda




Why ‘You and Ayurveda'?

Everyone wants to be hale and healthy irrespective of age, gender, sex, nationality or tribe. But, most of us have few problems to achieve healthy state- Lack of time and lack of proper guidance. 

Sadly, if there is time to look after the heath, some tensions still cripple in the mind- Are the medicines causing any major side effects? Instead, are there any natural therapies to get rid of the pain? 

Usually, to find the answers, one ends up doing online research, which most of the times is misleading i.e. provides inappropriate guidance. And, to figure out the right advise, one might not have enough time to spend. You just realized that it’s a never ending cycle, did you?

You and Iyurveda helps you to achieve your ‘Health goals’ and that too free of problems! We want you to be healthy, and let us deal with the annoying never-ending cycle!

  • Time is not a problem!-  ‘You and Iyurveda’ is a platform to get online Ayurvedic Consultations from experts of the field, and that too at your convenient time and place! Like you, we don’t want you to spend your precious time waiting in doctor’s office; instead, we want you to spend this time with your loved ones.
  • Right ways to healthy you!- You are looking for ‘prevention’ or ‘treatment’? Not a problem!! The experts will provide you with right ‘Ayurvedic advise’ to achieve your goal. Based on your body type or Dosha, yoga practices, diet plan or home remedies would also be suggested. 
  • Nature provides only ‘Good effects’ and not ‘Side effects’- Miraculous ancient science designed exclusively for you by experts promises the best results with minimal or no side effects. 

Let us serve you, and you enjoy a healthy life with loved ones! Just start, here.