Ayurveda- When and Why? A big question

Ayurveda- When and Why? A big question
2016-09-15 00:00:00

Today, when we have ocean of treatments available, we often think whether to include Ayurveda in our lives. The quick treatments modalities make us think why to take longer route of Ayurvedic treatments? Or when to fit the ancient science into our modern lives?

Remember, we frequently say 'Old is Gold'? From our mom's vintage jewelry to any old school thought, there is seldom something that we don't appreciate. Instead, we look back to our elders experiences for solutions because we know that we will surely get what we want. Similarly, Ayurveda- an ancient science- is beneficial to us at any point in our lives.


There are some beautiful aspects of Ayurveda that make perfect sense when pondered upon:-


Everyone is different- We know we all are different- physically, mentally, environmentally or financially. Our likes or dislikes are not the same.  Our works are different. We also know that all these factors impact our health differently. So, ideally we must be treated differently. BOOM!! Ayurveda exactly believes in this concept. It believes that every individual and its situations are different and hence, everyone's body is different. One must be taken as an individual identity and treated keeping all the situations in mind.

It's not surprising to say that treatment of Headache for me could be different from the treatment of headache for you! 


Strive for complete treatment- Ayurveda believes that our physical health and mental health are related. Treating only mental symptoms or physical symptoms is considered "half-treatment" in Ayurveda. And, this partial treatment may be an unsuccessful treatment or would cause disorder relapse.

It makes total sense as practically we find difficult to deal with our physical symptoms if we are not mentally strong. And, the science believing in treating body, mind and soul together can definitely lead to healthy us!

Nature- in its purest form- is powerful- The ancient science believes that nature is the most powerful when used in its purest form. Lives are created by nature. Think, if there are any reactions performed in laboratories in order to make a human being? NO. The powerful nature has the capability of creating us, sustaining us and destructing us. It has provided everything that we need to remain healthy. Additionally, the herbs can offer only good side-effects!


I personally believe that the more technological advancements we are noticing, unfortunately, the more diseases we are welcoming in the world. 


Its a visionary science- How overwhelming it is that this science was written 5000 years ago and is completely valid for today's world. The ancient texts mentions problems from Joint pain to Cancer; even though there were minimal chances of having cancer those days! Isn't it fascinating to know that our ancestors knew what problems we would face, and they jolted treatments for us thousands of years back?

It does not really matter if we want to maintain our health or get rid of disease, Ayurveda has been there, helping the society lead a healthy life. We have this ancient flexible science always ready to adapt to our modern routine. While we are busy with our daily schedule, let's incorporate century's old proven science in our lives and lead a healthy and happy life!