Do it Ayurveda Style in Autumn!

Do it Ayurveda Style in Autumn!
2016-09-21 00:00:00

Who doesn't like to go to a state park or to a mountainous region especially during fall? Many of us even dedicate a road trip to see multiple colors trailing on the sides. And, Ahhhh!!! It is wonderful to see how beautifully nature transits from Summers to Winters.


While the weather is changing outside, our bodies are also changing to prepare for the upcoming winters. For example, we all notice that our bodies do not crave for cold edibles anymore, instead, we enjoy hot soups or warm food products. Try and listen to the body and incorporate few lifestyle changes to enjoy this season of fall!


It's the beginning of cold- As winters approach, warmth in the air gets replaced by chilly winds. But in Autumn, the breeze doesn't have constant temperature . It is sometimes warm, sometimes cold or sometimes chilly. In this constantly changing temperature, our body keeps juggling to stay healthy.


Cold breeze carries certain properties such as dryness, cracks and off course cold temperature. These properties start showing upon us also as we start noticing dry skin and hair, cracked heels and cold extremities in this season. In addition to the skin, the air has its effect on our stomach also. If you are feeling unusually distended and bloated, you may go ahead and blame the season for that! 

To prevent dryness in the skin, Ayurveda recommends to include "good fat" diet in daily routine such as dried fruits, nuts or Avocado. Including a little Ghee (purified butter) for cooking is also a great routine. And to get free from distended stomach, choose some carminative herbs such as ginger, black pepper, mint, chamomile, cardamom or asafoetida. Eating fennel seeds with rock sugar after every meal can help you relive from unnecessary abdominal discomfort. 


Little pampering, great benefits!- Though daily body massage with Sesame oil before shower  can benefit greatly during Autumn, dedicating one day in a week for massage would not be a bad idea. Massage not only prevents drying of the skin but also increases blood supply in body tissues, making them healthy.

One feels energetic post-massage in supposedly lazy season. Massage is certainly a perfect regimen for Athletes or elderly people as it lubricates the joints resulting in increased performance and pain relief respectively.



Uufff!! Runny noses all around- Autumn is unfortunately the right season for growth of nasty viruses and bacteria. It is probably a scary season for people with allergies. Because of our daily social life, it becomes challenging to keep cold, cough or flu at bay. 
Drinking tea daily with Holy basil and ginger could help protecting the body from these irritating symptoms. 


Kids are especially on radar for flu in this season. It would be a smart move by parents to start giving their kids Holy basil juice and Chawanprash (Traditional Ayurvedic Jam) as soon as fall begins. This is how little ones can be protected naturally from the effects of changing weather. 


Oiling nose, both in adults and in children, with ghee (clarified butter) or sesame oil do wonders during fall and winters. Vulnerable individuals may incorporate certain herbs such as Amla (Indian Gooseberry) or Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) in order to maintain or improve their immunity.

Like others, you deserve to enjoy colorful fall and enter in winters in a great shape. After all Thanksgiving and Christmas are not far, and these festival need a lot of energy and preparation for coming guests!