Golden Milk- The Magic Key!

Golden Milk- The Magic Key!
2016-10-05 00:00:00

Two or three decades ago, in Indian families, it was so common that one would be offered Turmeric milk during sick winter days. And my home was no different. My mother had made me drink Turmeric milk so many times for numerous health conditions that at one point I knew what she would offer if I complain of 'XYZ' symptoms. It appeared to be the only solution she had for most of my health problems. 


Got cold?- She would immediately cook Turmeric milk.


Had sports injury?- Rounds of turmeric milk would be served for days.


Indigestion?- Turmeric milk.


Or chilly outside?- Here we go.... Turmeric milk again.


And, quite honestly, Turmeric milk was the magic key. I probably forgot about it for the time being, but Ayurveda studies and numerous research studies re-introduced this powerful weapon to me. However, we now use a 'jargon' to introduce our simple concoction of turmeric milk- 'Golden Milk'

And, this golden preparation is ready with minimal ingredients straight from the kitchen:-


Milk - 1 Cup

Turmeric - 1 Tsp

Black pepper or Trikatu powder - 2 pinches

Honey (optional) - To add taste


Mix and boil all the above ingredients except honey for 10-15 minutes. Filter the mixture and add honey if you are not comfortable with the pungent taste.

You won't believe , but your Golden milk is ready! Sit back and relish this healthy preparation!

The old Indian herb, Turmeric, has undergone plenty of researches that establish its use in inflammation, wounds, skin disorders, indigestion and Liver disorders. Few researches, though in preliminary stages, advise its use for anti-cancer properties in prostate, breast, skin and colon cancer.

Black pepper alone or in combination with other herbs- in Trikatu powder- increases bio-availability of turmeric. This means that pepper helps in making Turmeric available to body before it gets completely metabolized, and hence maximizes benefits of turmeric to one's health. Additionally, Black pepper is a great expectorant that expels out mucous accumulated during flu, cough, cold or throat infections.

This undoubtedly makes Golden milk an amazing choice during fall and winter seasons to protect ourselves from 'sneezing noses' and 'coughing mouths'.

Happy Autumn!