Holistic Kids care this Winters- Be a Free Bird MAMA
2016-11-02 00:00:00

While kids think of snowy winters as fun for ice skating or making snow man, parents share a different opinion, off-course out of concern for their kids. And the biggest nightmare for a parent is FLU or flu like symptoms! Obviously, who wants the sweet bubbly kid to see suffering from those annoying symptoms?


As soon as winters started, Jessie caught flu, taking four day's leave from school. She was perfectly fine before resuming the school, but then she caught the cold again within a week's time.  Many parents are of opinion that the day-off from school increases significantly during winters because of frequent exposure to infected atmosphere. Kids, because of socializing in school or frequent play dates, have higher chances to catch cold, cough or flu from other infected kids. However, few small steps can actually help reducing the chances of this unwanted cycle of catching cold again and again:-


1) Cleanliness is the key:- Educate your kid to wash hands frequently during winters. This will help washing off the viruses, which might have been passed by other infected individuals around. 


Additionally, teach your kids not to touch eyes, nose or lips. Mucous membrane in these areas transfer infections quickly into the blood stream, making kids fall sick rapidly. 


2)   Home made fresh FLU syrup:- Mix 1/2 tsp honey with 1/2 tsp ginger juice and few drops of lemon and feed the kid daily. This helps in preventing cough or cold in kids by improving little ones immune system. If given during active infection, it helps in quick recovery from infection. 


And, because it tastes good, kids will not say 'NO' to this home made syrup!! 


3) Support Immune system:- Our little angles have tender bodies and with the harsh climate outside, their bodies come under stressed conditions, making them vulnerable to catch flu. Boost their immune system by feeding natural Vitamin C rich 'Amla or Indian Gooseberry'  juice. 'Chawanprash' - A traditional Ayurvedic preparation can be given to kids twice a day in order to boost theri respiratory system's immunity. This natural preparation keeps the child warm in chilly days! 


A pinch of extra ginger-garlic paste in your sweetie's meal can do wonders!


4) Hydrate the body:- Consuming sufficient liquids helps in flushing out viruses from the body. Ideally, one must drink half oz of liquid for every pound of body weight for proper body hydration. Plain water, Milk, juice or your kid's favorite smoothie will all be counted while calculating ideal hydration.


Since heater creates dryness in house, it is important to hydrate the room while the child is sleeping. Turn on the humidifier and, for extra protection, add few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in the humidifier!


5) Lubricate:- This is the practice that our ancestors followed, but it did not get the needed recognition by the "modern man". Soak tip of little finger in Mustered Oil and apply that in kid's nose after shower and before going to bed. It helps in clearing the sinuses naturally, removing the undesired infection and breathing problem-free. 


Besides covering the body with enough cozy clothes, following above mentioned steps can shield your little one from winters and let your family enjoy the weather. 


Happy Winters!