'Pep up' with Pepper!

'Pep up' with Pepper!
2016-09-29 00:00:00

It is hot! It can spice up your life! It gives you the taste that you'll probably never forget! It can provide you warmth especially in winters!


Before your thoughts start jumping in creative directions, I must share that we are talking about a wonder herb- Black Pepper.


The herb is available throughout the year and offers solutions to general problems when used during fall and winters. 


Avoid embarrassing situations- Changing season sometimes takes a toll on our digestive health. It is common to have slow digestion during fall and winter season, resulting in distended stomach and gassy feeling. Not only the situation is uncomfortable, but it also leaves people in the embarrassing situations sometimes. Black Pepper on the other hand helps releasing right amount of digestive juices by stimulating digestive organs, and hence improving digestion and preventing flatulence. 


No more stuffiness- Your nose is stuffed as soon as you wake up? You feel something is struck in the throat? You cough deliberately to get some relief? Well, black pepper can solve this problem because it is a great expectorant. It loosens up the mucous and helps expelling it through natural sneezing or coughing. 


As a child, during flu season, we were often advised to drink milk boiled with Turmeric. Since, Black pepper increases turmeric's potency by many folds, one can add few pinches of black pepper while the milk is boiling and get the maximum out of your golden milk!


Keep check on your weight- During winters, because of harsh weather outside, we have reduced physical activities. Additionally, we tend to eat more calories during this festive season. So, definitely, we are at the verge of gaining weight during winters. This thought certainly bothers many of us subconsciously. But, the problem can be solved by including black pepper in our daily diets. Black pepper is one of the fat burning foods! Consuming Black pepper daily can actually help  burning fat in the body naturally and help keeping weight under check during winters. 


Who can ever think that this very small fruit can offer such huge benefits? But, this is what nature is!! Nature offers us solution to every problem. It all depends on us to find the right way and benefit ourselves.