Yoga- Ancient is the new Modern!

Yoga- Ancient is the new Modern!
2016-10-19 00:00:00

It looks like we are going back to basics. And, that certainly is for our own betterment!


The best example of this statement is 'Yoga'. Yoga, the science, was practiced approximately 5000 years ago and was mentioned in one of the earliest Indian scriptures- Rigveda. The practice of 'Yoga' was observed for thousands of years followed by few missed centuries before its rebound lately. 


And, now again, from 20th century onward, yoga is gaining such popularity that it has become style statement for many high profile celebrities.


Interestingly, approximately 30 million Americans practice yoga regularly, spending more than 11 billion dollars on yoga resources such as classes, yoga mats, yoga apparel etc. Besides every gym that offers yoga sessions, there are thousands of dedicated yoga studios across the country. It is not at all surprising to see fashion brands coming with mannequins flaunting clothing range in yoga poses. Thanks to those who are practicing yoga regularly and inspiring people around to follow this beautiful regimen. 


Many yogis join yoga classes just to improve flexibility, but they get addicted to it for the multiple benefits yoga offers. Yoga is not merely a physical workout but  a life changing experience. And, many strongly would abide by this statement. 


Literal meaning of word 'Yoga' is 'to join'. Figuratively, its a way to join our bodies with our minds. To sync our actions with our thoughts. To be strong and flexible both physically and mentally. To be conscious of our doing and thinking. To control movements in body while controlling thoughts in the mind. To maintain IQ while building EQ. 


It's not a workout regimen, but its a way of life! It might not be easy to do in the beginning. Well, who can touch the nose to the knees by bending forward on day one! And, no one expects that from you. But the practice of few months can attain you this success. So, you see, 'Yoga' signifies the 'dedication'!; and hence, yoga actually presents ones personality and not only physicality.

There certainly is no doubt that we want strong physical bodies embodying calm minds in today's world. And, this is achievable today by our 5000 years old science. Isn't it too surprising to know that such an old science is able to do wonders for urban, cosmopolitan, modern human being? It indeed is!

So, let's practice yoga and achieve a WHOLESOME healthy state to become a REAL happy being!