Is your Treatment a 'Complete Treatment'?

Is your Treatment a 'Complete Treatment'?
2016-12-13 00:00:00

Most of us know family or friends, or may be we ourselves are undergoing treatment for any non-serious or serious ailment. From reading online reviews to asking friend's recommendations, we put in a lot of efforts to look for the best available doctor/practitioner for starting the treatment. After all these efforts, we expect that we are getting complete solution for our problem. 

Before analyzing if we are getting complete treatment or not, let's look at the definition of "Health" from WHO:-


"Health is a state of complete Physical, Mental and Social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity"


So, basically being healthy is not just being physically healthy, it is also being Mentally and Socially healthy. Ironically, in the treatments offered now-a-days, we either receive medicines addressing only physical health or only mental health. Most of the treatment modalities do not offer a comprehensive solutions to address all three aspects of health- Physical, Mental and Social. 


If we look deep into these three aspects, we realize that all of them are interrelated. Have you seen two people suffering from the same disease, but one is improving quicker than the other? Or one is dealing with the symptoms better than the other? Yes, we all are surrounded by such cases. So, despite of having same disease, why one is performing better than the other? 


Now look at the mental health of both these individuals. You will realize that the one improving quickly is mentally very strong, he/she deals with the symptoms in a positive way, or he/she practices meditation or yoga to keep calm and hence the treatment is proving effective on that individual. On the other hand, the other individual is very negative about life, keep cursing some or the other situation/individual, or is mentally very weak. 


Did you just realize how mental situation makes a difference in someone's health. What if out treatment pays attention to mental health? Works towards making a person think positive? without any doubt, this will surely have quicker and better results on that individual's health. 


Similarly, if we take an example of Social health, people with supportive family and friends feel better much quickly than people with disturbed social life. Imagine if our treatment could provide better social environment during the treatment duration. We would turn out to be healthy, adaptable and stress-free individuals very soon. 


Now I would request you all to look into the treatment that you are getting. Is your treatment dealing with all three health aspects? Or, you need to look for alternate treatment modalities that address all these aspects and give you "Complete Health"


Ayurveda, irrespective of any disorder, accesses every individual on these three aspects and then provide individualized treatment, providing "Complete Health"


A typical Ayurvedic practitioner first tries to understand everyone's body constitution or body type or Dosha. Then he tries to analyse the physical and mental symptoms a person is prone to based on the body type. This is followed by in-depth understanding of current physical and mental states, and finally the individual is given treatment for both physical and mental symptoms based on the present condition. This detailed diagnosis and treatment offers best Physical and Mental health for an individual. 


Many Ayurvedic practitioners encourage to take in-patient therapies, if required. This is done when a person is required to stay in a particular social environment, away from his/her normal environment, in order to maximize treatment benefits. This solicitation takes care of the Social Health. 


And, by above methods, Ayurveda addresses all aspects of health, wherever necessary, making it the most sensible therapy for achieving "Complete Health"


Stay Healthy! And, know what you are taking.