Know Your Dosha

What is Dosha?

Quite often we hear that everyone is different.

One must know his/her strengths and weaknesses, and work around the strengths to succeed in life. Ayurveda, an old age science, has been following this principle from last 5000 years in order to provide individualized health solutions to health seekers. Look around. We all look different, behave different, react different and think different. These differences do not appear suddenly in adulthood but present since childhood.

Ayurveda explains these differences based on three major energies. These energies- Vata, Pitta and Kapha- are responsible for different physiological functions, combine in different proportions and result in various physical and mental traits. Despite of all these differences, most of us follow the same routine, diet, lifestyle and health regimen. Not only human beings carry these energies but also the food that we eat and the atmosphere that we live in are made with these energies, constantly affecting our body’s energies positively or negatively.

If Vata, Pitta and Kapha are balanced throughout the life, a person leads a healthy and happy life. However, any disturbance in these three from either birth or during anytime in the life leads to diseased conditions, depending upon which energy is disturbed. Once we know the proportion or disturbance of individual energy in our body, we could easily balance them by consuming right food, following right lifestyle and living in right environment. Ayurveda name these energies as ‘doshas’. One could have one vitiated dosha, or combination of two vitiated doshas or all three doshas vitiated. The pioneer step of an Ayurvedic consultant is to know the proportion of each energy and work towards balancing it through food, lifestyle and herbs and helping an individual to achieve complete healthy state. Take the below quiz to know your dosha and receive free personalized lifestyle advise